I’m a travel addict who loves to spend hours upon hours planning the perfect trip for family and friends. When I’m planning, I try to think of every detail – from transportation to hotel amenities to mapping out logical itineraries – in order to create a seamless, worry-free experience. If you’re like me, you know that all of this takes a really. long. time.

If you love to travel yet hate to plan, I created this blog of one-day itineraries in hopes of making your life a little easier. All of the destinations make sense geographically; it’s easy to get from Point A to Point B, and I let you know whether you’ll need to walk, take a subway, hop in a cab, or drive. I also include the general area of each destination so that, for example, you can swap out a restaurant I recommended for another one nearby.

My areas of expertise are California and New York, so my itineraries will highlight these areas. However, I’ll also post itineraries from my trips as well as get suggestions from fellow travelers. Let me know if there’s a particular city you’d like me to research for you!

Happy Travels,


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  1. Hi Mimi
    Thanks for visiting our blog, and the “like” on the “Why we travel” post. I love all the detail in your itineraries – really helpful. It’s the complete opposite of my blog which is nothing more than the stories of the adventures (both inner and outer) of a nomadic couple in a later stage of life. It has it’s own rewards and challenges. Just like Life 🙂
    I do know first-hand how much time it takes to plan a trip in detail (months!!!) These days we’re more spontaneous and it has both it’s good and not so good aspects.
    I’ll bookmark your blog and be sure to check back. Got anything on Mexico, Guatemala or Costa Rica?

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Alison! I’ve followed your blog as well; you guys are really inspiring, and I hope to one day be able to travel the world that way. Haha I always tell myself I should be more spontaneous on trips, but then I still end up spending hours researching the night before… I’m hoping that these itineraries will help others be spontaneous, though 🙂 On that note, I will work on some stuff for Mexico, Guatemala, or Costa Rica!

      Take Care,

  2. Thanks. Looking forward t it. We’re going to Mexico in a few days but plan to stay put for 3 months – in a little fishing village called La Manzanilla – so time then to do some planning for central America.

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  5. You’re on the list again!
    I nominated you for a bunch of awards because you’re awesome!
    Check out my post: Awards! Awards! Awards!

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