What: If you’re in Sin City, you’ll most likely be too boozed up to figure out a game plan. Just follow this itinerary for a fun and crazy 24 hours – you won’t even have to set foot outside of the hotel!

Hotel: The Venetian or The Palazzo

Mode(s) of Transportation: walking

Price Point: $$$

The Itinerary:

  • Start: Breakfast at Grand Lux Cafe [Venetian]
  • Walk to: Head out to the pool area – either grab a lounge chair and sunbathe or let the partying begin at TAO Beach [Venetian]
  • Walk to: Grab a quick lunch at one of these casual dining restaurants [Venetian/Palazzo]
  • Walk to: Spend the rest of the afternoon in the casino, or pamper yourself at the Canyon Ranch Spa – the largest day spa in the world [Venetian]
  • Walk to: Rest for awhile in the room – you’ll need it. [Venetian/Palazzo]
  • Walk to: Dinner at Sushi Samba [Palazzo]
  • Walk to: Party at TAO [Venetian]
  • Walk to: After-party at The Act [Palazzo]

More Details:

If TAO Beach isn’t your scene, you can try to grab a lounge chair (they’re usually all taken) or just hang out in the water. Waitresses will come by and take your drink orders, even if you’re in the pool. Gotta love Vegas.

venetian las vegas pool

The Act: Not for those who are easily offended. The Act is brought to you by the creators of The Box in NYC, so you can imagine the burlesque-y shenanigans that go on in there…

[Will not post a photo, as I’d like to keep this blog PG…]



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