What: A relaxed day on the beautiful island of St. Maarten. (I’d definitely recommend getting a rental car!)

Type of Trip: winter getaway with the girls

Mode(s) of Transportation: rental car

Price Point: $$

The Itinerary:

  • Start: Breakfast at La Sucriere Restaurant [Philipsburg]
  • Drive to: Watch airplanes fly over your head at Maho Beach
  • Drive to: Head on over to the French side and hang out at Orient Bay Beach
  • Walk to: Have a light lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach, such as Kakao Beach Restaurant
  • Walk to: Hang out at Orient Bay for the rest of the afternoon
  • Drive to: Enjoy a tapas dinner with an amazing ocean (and possibly sunset) view at YOLO Restaurant inside of Bliss Nightclub
  • Walk to: Drinks at Bliss Nightclub

More Details:

Maps of the island are pretty shoddy, and even Google Maps will have a hard time pinpointing your exact location. We basically followed a cartoon-ish map throughout our entire trip. No worries, though, as the island is fairly small and there is pretty much one main road. You’ll find your way! Just be sure to rent an SUV or something that’s raised off of the ground because there are some gigantic potholes on the island…

airplane maho beach

YOLO restaurant st maarten


5 thoughts on “A Day in St. Maarten

    • Aw, I missed the butterfly farm. I loved St Maarten as well, though. Loved how “local” it felt, and the beaches were just beautiful!

  1. Perfect blog entry for my next year plans to sint maarten! How is the crime level…I’ve read other sites where they warn of not hiking the mountain after or right before sunset, because of thieves. Also heard awful stories about rental car companies trying to scam you and charging credit cards way more than thought. I know these are negative things to think about before a trip, but the inn I plan to stay does not refund deposits. I would appreciate any and all info ladies! One more… are the beaches as beautiful as hawaii or cancuns clear waters?

    • Hi! Hm…those are definitely legitimate concerns. I went 3 other girls, and we never really felt unsafe during our stay. That being said, we didn’t go off wandering after dark – we pretty much stayed in the busy, touristy areas. We rented two cars and didn’t have any trouble with the rental company trying to scam us; the people we met on the island were actually quite nice. As for the beaches, they really are beautiful! One thing I will say, though, is that because the island is pretty small, the beaches can get crowded if you go during a popular time. I’d recommend taking a day trip out to Anguilla (easily reached by boat) and hanging out at Rendezvous Bay (Beach? I forget the name…) for an afternoon. Hope you have an awesome trip!

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