What: Sunday Funday featuring delicious Brooklyn bites, unique flea market finds, and of course, some booze. (For the 21-and-over crowd.)

Mode(s) of Transportation: feet, subway

Price Point: $$

Season: Spring-Fall

The Itinerary:

  • Start: Head over to the Williamsburg Flea Market for some awesome only-in-Brooklyn food. Don’t forget to get a donut from Dough at some point. [Williamsburg]
  • Walk to: Walk around the flea market – browse through cool vintage pieces, original artwork, and handmade animal pillows. Head over to the water’s edge for the most spectacular view of Manhattan. [Williamsburg]
  • Walk to: Taste some seasonal brews at The Brooklyn Brewery [Williamsburg]
  • Subway (L) to: Walk around Union Square and The Flatiron District [Flatiron]
  • Walk to: Enjoy a delicious, sangria-filled tapas dinner at Boqueria [Flatiron]

More Details:

Brooklyn Flea Market: This isn’t the find-creepy-old-dolls-sold-by-creepy-old-men type of flea market. This is one of the coolest, youngest flea markets out there, featuring original art, great vintage pieces, and local food. The Brooklyn Flea takes places in Fort Greene on Saturdays and on Williamsburg in Sundays, so definitely check out their website and plan accordingly. I’d recommend the Williamsburg location simply because it’s close to Manhattan and, because it’s right by the river, you’ll get to see some of the best views of the city.

manhattan skyline nyc

smorgasburg brooklyn chocolate

donut Dough brooklyn

The Brooklyn Brewery: You’ve probably tried their most popular beer – the Brooklyn Lager – at some point, but if you visit their brewery, you’ll get to taste their smaller-batch beers that are all so delicious. $20 will get you 5 wooden coins that you can then exchange for generous tastings. (Or you can buy individual coints for $5 each, but who would ever pass up a free beer?)

brooklyn brewery craft beer

Boqueria: Delicious and affordable tapas + pitchers of sangria. A great end to Sunday Funday, right? There’s a SoHo location and a Flatiron location, so you can check out either one depending on where you’re staying. (Note: They don’t take reservations, so you might have to wait a bit if you’re going during peak hours.)

tapas boqueria nyc churros boqueria nyc dessert


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