What: It was my first time visiting the City of Brotherly Love, and I only had a few hours to spend there. Prior to going, I scoured Yelp and Googled the heck out of Philly to figure out how to make the best use of my time, and this is what I ended up with…

Mode(s) of Transportation: feet, taxi

Price Point: $$

The Itinerary:

Unfortunately, that was as much as I was able to cram in before I had to catch the train back to NYC. If I had had time for dinner, though, I would’ve loved to check out one of these spots: Morimoto (Japanese), Zahav (Middle Eastern), or Amada (Tapas Bar). They all look amazing! (Oh, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t make a beeline for one of the famous Philly cheese steak places – I don’t really eat beef. Oops.)

More Details:

Tommy DiNiC’s: You just have to take one look at their website to know what their specialty is – pork. That stuff literally melts in your mouth!

DiNiC's roast pork sandwich

Miller’s Twist: I was already full from scarfing down the sandwich pictured above, but the “twists” at Miller’s looked so good that I just had to have a bite an entire pretzel.

miller's twist pretzel philadelphia

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