What: Sure, everything in New York is more expensive, but a day in the city doesn’t have to render you penniless. Follow this itinerary for a fun, delicious, and affordable Manhattan experience.

Mode(s) of Transportation: subway, walking, taxi

Price Point: $

The Itinerary:

More Details:

The High Line: An elevated park offering Hudson River and Chelsea views. Definitely an “Only in New York” thing.

high line new york city

Chelsea Market: The Food Network operates in the same building, so the food in Chelsea Market has to be good, right? This holds true for almost all of the shops inside, so try to fit as much as you can into your stomach!

Chelsea Market New York City

Bar Suzette: It was featured on some Food Network show, though I can’t remember which. Their butter and sugar crepe is one of the best things that I’ve ever eaten…

crepe bar suzette chelsea market nyc

The Lobster Place: Rolls, wraps, salads…all made with fresh, high-quality seafood. Unfortunately, they’ve been closed for renovations, but will be opening in early Spring 2013. (Now?)

Ninth Street Espresso: Supposedly one of the best cups of coffee in the city!

The Meatball Shop: It’s amazing, it’s well-priced, it’s definitely crowded. Try to go during off-hours or on weekdays! (Vegetarians, don’t worry – they offer delicious vegetarian “meat”balls as well.)

meatball shop menu nyc

2 thoughts on “NYC: An Affordable Day in the City II

  1. Affordable NYC sounds to me as liley as my hometown affordable London… but I suppose it is knowing all the local secrets and knowing where to go and when etc. How much would a day like this end up costing in NYC total? We have a saying here- you cannot even get out the door without spending at least £20.00 (that’s about $35.00)

    • Haha I completely agree! Even when I just go out to buy shampoo and necessities, I end up spending around $20. For this itinerary, I tried to think of it from a visitor’s perspective – you want to save money, but you still want to enjoy yourself. Breakfast should cost around $5-7, lunch around $10, and dinner around $20. That’s about $35 for meals; then, I’d plan on having at least $20-$30 for drinks and snacks (depends on how much you’d like to drink!).

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