What: Let’s be honest – in New York City, it’s a downright pain in the ass to go cross-town. If you take a taxi, you’ll be stuck in traffic; if you take the subway, there’s a big chance that the 7 or the L isn’t running properly. When you’re just visiting for a few days, it makes a lot more sense to explore one side at a time, and this itinerary will show you the highlights from the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side.

Mode(s) of Transportation: subway, feet

Price Point: $$

More Details:

Via Quadronno: Super cute place for a light breakfast, a froth cappuccino, and some flying pig art.

breakfast via quadronno new york

Maison Kayser: Famous French artisan boulanger Eric Kayser finally brought his talents to New York City! If you’re going for brunch on a weekend, be prepared to be dining in some very tight quarters, even for New York standards.

Shake Shack: West Coasters, people here think it’s the East Coast’s version of In-N-Out. What do you guys think? I’m not a huge fan of burgers, but I do like their shakes and fries (add cheese sauce!).

nyc shake shack fries

Eataly: Okay, let me just warn you now – this place is overwhelming. Awesome, but overwhelming. It’s a gourmet grocery store, a coffee shop, a gelato shop, a bakery, a few restaurants, a wine bar, and more. I suggest stopping by the wine bar (more like a couple of high marble tables around which you can stand) and getting a cheese plate / a good glass of wine.

cheese eataly NYC

3 thoughts on “NYC: Exploring the East Side

    • Haha yeah…I think it’s very different from In-N-Out as well, but some people like to compare the two. It’s not a drive-through; there are a few locations across the city, but the one I listed above is a little shack in the middle of Madison Square Park. It’s definitely more expensive than In-N-Out!

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