What: Explore the “B”eauty of San Diego, California. Follow this itinerary created by my SD-dwelling friend, Adriel, for a day filled with amazing ocean views and, of course, beach, brew, and BBQ.

Mode(s) of Transportation: feet, car

Price Point: $$

The itinerary:

More Details:

Brockton Villa: Cute, laid-back spot right next to the ocean. Grab a table on the patio and you’ll experience one the best brunch views California has to offer. (Try their french toast!)

french toast san diego brunch

Green Flash Brewing Company: $1 tasters in a cool warehouse-like setting with food trucks outside. Need I say more?

Phil’s BBQ: Okay, California’s not exactly known for authentic BBQ, but Phil’s is famous within our state and rightfully so. It’s cheap, it’s delicious…unfortunately, it’s also always packed, so try to go during off-peak times!

BBQ san diego california

Sunset at The La Jolla Cliffs:

sunset san diego california ocean

la jolla california

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