What: A sweet day centered around some of the best desserts in the city. Think you can stomach it? (Don’t worry – I’ve included a lot of opportunities to walk around and be active so you can burn off the calories make room for more dessert.)

Mode(s) of Transportation: driving, walking

Price Point: $$

The Itinerary:

More Details:

Blue Jam Cafe: A cute and relaxed spot that’s perfect for breakfast or brunch. I’m in love with their vanilla french toast and their beautiful latte art! (Parking can be kind of a pain, as it’s street parking, but circle around a few times and you should get lucky.)

latte coffee

Latte from Blu Jam Cafe

Milk: Their ice creams are all homemade, so I’d definitely go with a frozen treat as opposed to the cookies and cupcakes they also offer. My favorite? The Nutella ice cream bar, of course.

ice cream sandwich los angeles dessert

Ice Cream Sandwich from Milk

Nutella Ice Cream Bar

Nutella Ice Cream Bar


Susina Bakery & Cafe: Danish, puff pastries, muffins, scones, cakes…they pretty much have every delicious item a bakery should have. If you’re feeling a little hungrier, they also serve paninis and salads.

Tasca: This intimate wine bar and restaurant might not be as well known as its popular neighbor, AOC, but Tasca serves up some seriously delicious large and small plates. The truffle tuna tartar is a must-try! For reservations, call (323) 951-9890.

Little Next Door: A cute brasserie and artisan marketplace that’s a more casual extension of The Little Door.

El Carmen: Tequila shots, anyone? This bar is just a few doors down from Tasca, so you won’t have to worry about finding another parking spot.

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